A Very Fine Perfumery

04.02.2015 / 11:30

Located on a tiny beautiful street in Mayfair A Very Fine Perfumery is a destination for blasé customer. Passing by you simply can't resist visiting this elegant store where you can find carefully selected by its owners range of perfumery along with amazing bath and body products, candles and home fragrances. This beautiful store reminds me a lot of lobby in Royal Opera House - you are only a temporary guest here but you are welcomed with warmth of chic. That is what makes you to come back here again and again - a feeling of an abode of peace. Nothing bad can happen to you in a place like this. Moreover you can hide here from London bustle. At least for couple of happy minutes.

When you enter the boutique first thing you see is a dozen or more perfumery bottles in a mess on a big bureau next to the mirror. This gives you very natural, intimate feeling of your own boudoir. Here you can find such brands as Acqua di Stresa, Agonist, Andrea Maack Parfums, Blood Concept, Boadicea The Victorious, Couto, SoOud, The Hype Noses, Arquiste, Roads, Avery, Fornasetti.

A Very Fine Perfumery stands for high level of customer service - polite and professional store assistants will help you to make your unique choice that would perfectly fit your existing perfumery wardrobe and personal taste. The store is filled with tender poetry, sophistication and charm.

Avery Fine Perfumery welcomes you to the wonderful, magical world of fragrance. It is a space to travel through time and recall distant and recent memories evoked by perfume.



Customer service

We work in a very open manner with our clients.
We try to get to know them as much as possible and identity for what type of occasion they are looking to dress themselves - in terms of scent. We speak less about ingredients and more about the emotions connected to each individual scent. We look to take clients on an olfactive journey. Of course, each story behind each individual fragrance is fascinating as is the history behind each brand.
We look to encourage wearing scent as an additional layer of the final outfit/occasion. To wear scent as an extension of mood and personality which as we know is not always the same!


About clientele

We really have a wide demographic of clients who visit Avery. Many of clients are returning customers who will always come to visit us each time they are in London. From all different ages to all different backgrounds which is wonderful.
In essence, anyone who loves perfume, quality and an individual scent and experience will come and visit us.


Positioning and concept

Avery has a very personalised approach and we look to make each individual as welcome as possible in the store.
We almost like to think of ourselves like a home away from home - a place to escape the hustle and bustle of London and enter the magical world of perfume. Sharing emotive journeys and looking for the next scent to add to the fragrance wardrobe.
The selection of brands we have in store are Art Perfume brands - they all have a wonderful creative concept behind them as well as exceptional ingredients.
There are four Averys in the world and each one has its own distinct look which really makes the Avery experience unique in each country/city: London, New Orleans, Modena, Milan. There are also planned openings in Doha in the coming months.

 Author - Daria Mingaraeva


MON- SAT: 10.30AM – 6.30PM

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