Why Alaїа?

09.04.2016 / 02:59

My long-lasting desire for Azzedine Alaïa designs used to lead me to Dover Street Market. The beautiful ambiance of modesty and sensuality conquers you once you step in the corner room filled with classic Alaïa dresses and leather belts. True lux doesn't scream, it whispers.

One day I got my very own Alaïa. I was carrying a coral red embellished top wrapped in a thin paper as a rare treasure, walking home smiling as if I smelled spring coming to town.

This is definitely one of the pieces that changes your perceptions. First, even Alaïa's ready-to-wear is creating taking into consideration couture approach. How often do you feel stunned when you put a piece of clothing on and take a look at yourself in the mirror? Sophisticated cut awakens an elegant, soft sensuality you might have never been aware of before. Thus, I have embraced my goal to tailor my attitude towards building my wardrobe. "I want it all. Right now" was forgotten. I'm now a firm believer in "simply the best". Patiently I am rethinking my shopping priorities in order to get closer to the image of true, liberated myself.

"My Alaïa" have witnessed several dinner parties, theatre openings, succesful interviews, men falling in and out of love with me. I am wearing it with trousers covering 10-inch heels and pearls; with well tailored "new look" jackets and flirtatious high-end headwear; with leather skirt and black veil embellished with butterflies worn as a choker. The look represents class, freedom of movement and seduction.

I am never sure anything is good enough. Something that is good today will not be good tomorrow. Couldn't agree more with maestro Azzedine Alaïa. Well, today I'm quite satisfied with "My Alaïa". Tomorrow will bring us a new day and a new understanding of sensuality.

Photography KOTOVSKA

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