Sunday traditions. Columbia Road Flower Market

06.08.2015 / 02:57

I have a very precious weekend tradition. Pretty much every Sunday I am trying to make it to the Flower Market on Columbia Road in Hoxton.

First comes brunch so this weekend we went to 100 Hoxton - quite chilled, surprisingly for weekend not overcrowded place with great service. Superb for delicious brunch. What makes this place even better is the right audience, amazing jazz & soul music and friendly stuff that would learn your tastes quickly and always find something that would fit your mood.

After checking out couple of new menswear stores we are heading to Flower Market. He's getting a white orchid from legendary Orchid Man Stuart and I'm falling for an orange tree. This is so NOT me. I am absolutely not capable of taking care of a living creature. Though it seems like I am seriously committed now. We'll see how it goes.

After sweet walk around small shops on Columbia Road in a search for flower pots we are having coffees in a corner café where you can never find even one pair of matching saucers. Some cold rosé... maybe little later. Street musicians, heavy mix of coffee, lavender and bitterness of summer wines, unbearable heat of last August days. 

Stranger's charm... on city's fingerprints.


I'm wearing * Ostwald Helgason jacket

                  * Whiteley Fischer hat from Fenwick Bond Street that goes perfectly with my new hair colour. I am seriously addicted to my colourist's craftsmanship: every time I come to refresh colour we end up experimenting! Plus since recently I am going crazy about all things from late 20s - early 30s - that is why I learned how to do this very particular wave.

                  * vintage leather bag from 50's which I found recently in one of small boutiques in Camden Passage, Islington.


Daria xx


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