08.06.2015 / 10:00

Here is something I love about my city unconditionally. It is a destination for generation designed to make every single choice consciously. We are willing to choose our believes and values. We are wild at heart but still prefer to keep very low key on profile. We know that our passions served cold taste better. Simply because...

We are used to kill dimness of every day life by chasing symbolism in all matters, searching for equals in opposites, pretending nothing could break us. And, as a result, forced to permanently hide the fact that urge of the world is making us feel that we are loosing something important before it even started.

Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive. Wouldn't you agree with Josephine Hart?

Sometimes it seems only things real for us are memories that we care for beyond measure and music. Music, as something awakening, something that makes us tick deeply and sincerely.

Welcome back to bittersweet world of decadence.

I'm wearing Laird fedora, the very special one that travelled with me for a year. It made quite a trip: London-Copenhagen-Lisbon-Paris-Cannes-Grasse-Kiev-Beijing-Capetown-Montreal-Melbourne-London. Great life. Still one of my best hat choices. Aw.

Location: Columbia Road Flower Market, Hoxton.

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