Statement Jacket. Ostwald Helgason

29.04.2015 / 03:26

After visiting Joseph Beuys exhibition in Museum Kampa in Prague in 2006 I am looking for visual moments that would correlate to his art works in every day life. First acquaintance with Beuys art happened to me at a very young age - maybe that's the reason why his work means so much to me - vulnerable youth is the best time to consume knowledge without great need to give it an immediate evaluation but feel it sincerely.

This navy little wool jacket with slashed shoulders in Kiefer-esque drip patterns appeared in my life quite recently though I had fallen in love with AW14 Ostwald Helgason collection straight after the catwalk show. “We were inspired by the impossible amalgamation of two artists’ works that couldn’t be more different but are of almost the same time: German conceptualist Joseph Beuys and American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein,” stated Susanne Ostwald, Creative Director of Ostwald Helgason.

This particular jacket is actually podium sample piece from Ostwald Helgason first-ever runway collection which makes it even more precious to me. Maya Singer, the journalist, claimed in her article on AW14 show: "This collection makes you confident that Ostwald Helgason was a brand to be taken, yes, seriously. There was definitely a sense here of a brand elevating its game".

Jacket is an item with a character. There are two smart approaches to wear it. First, it's when jacket plays a role of a central component of your look, in which case you got to work really hard to combine it with other elements to reach the right balance of proportions. The other approach is about considering a jacket as an all-sufficient outerwear. This way you have to let the jacket to play its leading party and keep it simple at all the other aspects of your look: wear well-fitted trousers, pensil-skirt or your favourite pair of jeans - like I did in this look with my pair of All Saints flare jeans in Raw Indigo colour; combine it with blouse or top made of natual fabric so it would let you breathe and move freely; heels of mid-height - for stylish touch; your own signature accessory - in my case it's a pearl necklace which I'm wearing almost every day as it has a sentimental meaning for me; and leather bag that could fit in all the "very necessary" things in the world - my choice is Michael Kors - it seems I have this bag forever but I'm not getting bored of it and it really makes me happy that I am carrying a "world" inside of it.

I wanted to achieve a look that was polished and playful, and most importantly: wearable. After all I spend most of my days rushing around the town from one meeting to another and I value my comfort a lot. Though to be frank I would never refuse to get the look from a stranger passing by because it always brightens up my day.

More looks to shop and stockists of Ostwald Helgason you can find following the link.

I'm wearing All Saints jeans available here, white silk blouse made at 811 Atelier, Ostwald Helgason statement jacket, Michael Kors classic bag.

Thanks for my new colour & haircut to charming and talented masters Neville Zammit and Mick Mengisoglou from Vidal Sassoon team.

Iced coffee keeping me alive this busy spring I usually get from favourite Holborn Grind. Simply yum!


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