8th of November

08.11.2014 / 09:00

Today I've turned 24 and I'm bloody terrified.

The most important lesson I've learnt is that you should get rid of everything and everyone one who is not valuable, beautiful or funny. Trust me - it really helps to simplify your life. I often notice that it's terribly hard for me to build a conversation with unprofessional people. I do value my time, I like order in everything. Simply because since recently life has taught me how hard it is to fight for your dream, for your chance against the system. You might be the most clever and hard-working and talented but it is still not enough. You need to learn how to become irreplaceable, what's unique about you that makes you attractive in all senses, and the most important - you need to be fucking patient. 

When you pretend to have all the best you need to be ready to correspond to the level.

As Mario Testino said during Vogue Festival: "You need people holding your hands. And even more you need those who have courage to criticize you". 

That's all I want for my 24th bd.




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