London style. No sugar

16.10.2014 / 06:03

Open-mindness in all aspects of everyday life - that's the main thing you got to know about London. Its rhythm is unbearable, no one ever will find right words to describe it, you can only feel it. We keep traditions but we are open for everything new: dynamics is the thing that makes London so unique.

There are several rules that all London dandies follow in thier everyday life when dressing up:

1. First pick the piece you really love and put it on anticipating new day with delight: it might be brand new classical LBD, pair of jeans of perfect fit that you already had for ages, baggy sweater, custom-made jacket, flirty hat, expensive jewellery or simply bright lipstick,- anything that makes you really happy.

2. Wear comfortable shoes. No comments. LDN girls admire ankle boots any time of the year;

3. Wear at least one thing that reflects your style preferences: shorts, net tights during winter? Ok! Fur jacket, thick socks & boots duting summer? No problem! Vintage dress for picnic/ street market? That works for me!

4. Do not overdress. It is considered to be a bad taste.

5. Look & think healthy.

6. Be curious about what's happening around you.

7. Never forget who you are.

8. Be little ironic about what you wear. Use clothes to frame your personality, do not try to replace it with coats/bags/shoes etc.

Photography Denis Kartavenko

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